Tarot Reads, Psychic Reads 

and House Cleansings

Tarot reads                                                                                        

Various cards are laid out in which a specific question may be addressed.  Open-ended reads address the larger aspects of life.  Tarot is not intended to answer specific yes or no questions, but used as a guide to show outcomes.  Calleigh uses a very specific deck called Revelations. 

Celtic Cross Spread $100 (1 Hour Read)

Three Card Spread $30 (15 Minute Read)

Psychic reads


Heightened perception aids in information gathering from the energy that surrounds the person being read.  Calleigh tunes in to the energy field to be able to see gifts in people and she is able to help them understand them.  

$100 per hour or $60 per half hour

House clearings

Negative energies are removed from the home by smudging, prayer and energy warfare.  Once the house is properly cleansed and all negative objects are removed, the client is shown how to reclaim their house.  

$100 (1 Hour Clearing and Blessing) 

Travel Time may be extra


Reiki copy.png

reiki therapy

Reiki is a holistic treatment for the mind, body and spirit by stimulating a person's own natural healing abilities.  The blocked emotional and physical elements that lead to illness and disease are cleared.  Reiki is effective, non-invasive and healing that creates deep relaxation and pain relief.  

$75 per hour session (remote or in person)