Calleigh Piper

Founder of Ostara


Calleigh is a psychic spiritualist who was born in Michigan.  She grew up in a very spiritually talented family.  She became an RN to help heal people, but soon realized that when healing is addressed on a physical level only that people might temporarily feel better, but often symptoms return.  Calleigh started looking at people from a spiritual, emotional and physical level.  She became passionate about working with chronic pain patients and people with psychiatric diagnosis.  She noticed many of these people had "shadows" over their face and body.  After much needed soul searching, Calleigh began to be able to see what those "shadows" were.  Working with a demonologist and spiritualist with over 40 years experience in the field gave Calleigh the ability to see spiritual and emotional attachments both from a distance, and up close.  Calleigh provides spiritual advising along with attachment removal to help her clients understand what makes them vulnerable for this attachment, and how to recognize and prevent further attachments.  


Calleigh is also a gifted Reiki Master, raindrop therapist and reads tarot in addition to her classic psychic abilities.  With the help of others, Ostara has contacts all over the world in all disciplines of spiritual healing.